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Re: status of Linux ptrace on amd64?

On Dec 1,  9:06pm, (Alexander Nasonov) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: status of Linux ptrace on amd64?

| Christos Zoulas wrote:
| > Should not be that hard, but what is that tool reading from PEEKUSER?
| > Registers?
| In both cases it reads from user_regs_struct, if I understand everything
| correctly. But it's the first step, the tool would definitely try other
| things if PEEKUSER didn't fail. In fact, I'm not sure that thing would
| work at all because it's a dynamic instrumentation tool called Pin. It
| updates code on the fly.
| I've got one more question. Is it possible for Linux emulated binary
| to control NetBSD native binary with ptrace? I see that it can attach,
| pokedata and continue but would it be able to do more advanced things
| correctly?

It might, but most likely it will not due to differences in the ptrace
syscall implementation and bugs in the emulation. I remember trying to
use the linux gdb to debug a linux and a netbsd binary. Neither worked
too well.


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