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> Hi
> FUSE LOOKUP, GETATTR and SETATTR have TTL for name and attributes. It
> would greatly enhance perfuse performance if the kernel could keep track
> of those, and avoid issuing tons of LOOKUPs and GETATTRs when it has
> valid data.
> Additionnaly, FUSE LOOKUP returns the node attributes. If we handled
> that, it could save an extra GETATTR
> I therefore propose the addition of two PUFFS operations:
> - PUFFS_VN_LOOKUP2 in which the reply would feature entry  TTL and
> attributes TTL and values.
> - PUFFS_VN_GETATTR2 in which the reply would feature attributes TTL.

can't you make TTL optional without versioning OPs?
eg. making the reply variable-sized.


> Next, PUFFS kernel code should be modified so that
> cache_enter/cache_lookup could be used with the TTL. 
> I am not sure about what could be done with FUSE SETATTR attribute TTL.
> Should libperfuse set it to a hardcoded value? But what value?
> -- 
> Emmanuel Dreyfus

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