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Implementing mount_union(8) into vfs (for -o union)?


I've just been trying to mount a tmpfs over a read-only root file system.
Unfortunately, this won't work just by mounting a tmpfs with option union
over the root file system. You'd have to create a tmpfs, and mount that one
with mount_union(8) over the root file system, which is again not possible.

Making a union mount of a filesystem over another read-only one will fail
when the underlying files are found, e.g. you cannot descend into directories
or change permissions of an existing file, they will simply refer to the
underlying files.

Are there attempts to solve that issue, or is it even wanted to solve it?
At the very least, you should change the mount(8) manpage, as its description
of the option is somewhat unclear about that issue.

Regards, Julian

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