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Question about i386 CDs (bootxx_cd9660/boot-big.fs)


I experiment with NetBSD boot stuff for i386. Main question is what is
boot-big.fs and how does it different from bootxx_cd9660?
With this 'mkisofs -o test1.iso -b bootxx_cd9660 -no-emul-boot -c
boot.catalog -l -J -R -allow-leading-dots ./cdreleasefiles/' and in
cdreleasefiles contains:
boot  boot.cfg  bootxx_cd9660  modules
I'm able to boot. Though boot doesn't read boot.cfg, while loads a
kernel from modules without issues (I have to go to prompt).

When I use boot-big.fs instead I get a nice colorful useless picture
on booting. Without "-no-emul-boot" (like in manual) I fail to create
an image: Size of boot image is 7200 sectors -> genisoimage: Error -
boot image 'cdreleasefiles/boot-big.fs' has not an allowable size.


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