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Re: updated patch Re: buffer cache & ufs changes (preliminary ffsv2 extattr support)

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 08:53:00AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
> It is also moot. Provided that quota cleanup leaves me with enough
> time to merge and test (admittedly this is looking less and less
> likely), the ufs/lfs split will be in -6.
> (unlike the changes proposed in this thread, the ufs/lfs split has
> been in the works a long time and has been discussed with releng.)

You've been talking about it for some time, but I've never seen details
or patch about it on a  public list. I couldn't find references to it
in the releng mail archives either.

Anyway, I've asked core and releng about ffsv2 extattr; nothing will
be commited before the branch; releng accepts to have different code
in HEAD and netbsd-6. So I'll come back on the topic after netbsd-6
has been branched.

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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