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Re: Regarding read behaviour of a FIFO

In article 
Bharat Joshi  <> wrote:
>Hi Christos,
>     Thanks a lot for your reply, I was desperately looking for one :)
>     First of all, sorry that I can not reply to your mail as I am not
>subscribed to the teck-kern mailing list and I did not get your reply
>on my mail account. I got to know about this from teck-kern mailing
>archives. So I am replying to my own mail. Can you please CC to my
>gmail id when you reply?
>     I have created a small program which uses a FIFO between a parent
>and child process and I could reproduce the issue with this simple
>     I am attaching the program as well as the output of the same I
>got. To start with, I was trying with small number of messages and I
>did not see it that time so I increased the number of messages to 200
>and then I saw it. You may want to change this if you cannot reproduce
>the same.

Thanks, this should be fixed on head now.


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