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Re: Lost file-system story

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:39:38AM -0800, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> Having almost no knowledge about ext2 or any other non-Unix-based
> filesystems, I'm trying to be careful to avoid making any claims about
> those non-Unix-based filesystems.

hmm.. so then how can you claim that it is "entirely different" (as you did
in an earlier email)?  It sounds like you're talking our of your, ahem.. depth.

> I included FFS as a Unix-based filesystem because I know for sure that
> it shares many of the attributes of the original Unix filesystems with
> respect to the issues surrouding MNT_ASYNC.

Have you tried actually comparing the current NetBSD ffs sources against
whatever "Unix" sources you are talking about?  While I'm sure that there
are many "attributes" that are shared, if you even compare the current NetBSD
sources with those from, say, 1994, you will find a ton of differences.


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