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Re: aio rework

Am 16.10.11 23:11, schrieb Alexander Nasonov:
> Hi,
> I recently noticed a flaw with the current implementation of aio, see
> kern/45441. Basically, if you do aio_read and aio_write to one pipe
> you might block a process's aio thread and thus block all aio activity
> with current and future fildes of the process. All you can do in this
> situation is to kill a process.
> One possible solution is using separate threads for reading and writing.
> It's a bit of work but it looks quite straitforward and I can do it at
> my spare time.
> Even with two threads, aio implementation is not optimal but I don't
> have enough knowledge about NetBSD internals to make a better
> implemention.
> What do you guys think of my plan?

It's not worth the effort.  aio does not need bandaid, but some solid

but hey, since you are interested in aio, why not fix it properly.  I am
all for it, I have some programs that need aio and I would like to use
them on NetBSD.

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