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Re: nfs_lookup() panic, again

Hubert Feyrer <> wrote:

> The setup of this is NetBSD-current/i386 in VMware Fusion with sources
> mounted via NFS from a Mac OS X NFS server. 

FWIW, I had many panics on a netbsd-5/i386 NFS server with MacOS X
clients. It ran fine the day I removed the mac clients (it was still
servicing NetBSD clients). A few weeks ago, it started doing panics
again. Updating to latest netbsd-5 with NBMCLUSTERS=16384 seems to spare
the problems, it did not crashed so far.

The machine has ddb.onpanic=0 and the dump device was badly configured
until the latest kernel update, so I have no panic message to share. I
can just concur that there is definitvely a bad story with MacOS X
clients and NetBSD NFS servers.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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