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nfs_lookup() panic, again

Hallo David,

we've been talking about a NFS panic in nfs_lookop() some time ago:

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "dvp != *vpp" failed: file
        ".../sys/nfs/nfs_vnopds.c", line 826

The setup of this is NetBSD-current/i386 in VMware Fusion with sources mounted via NFS from a Mac OS X NFS server. The panic occurs repeatly when doing a full build.

I've had a look at ddb and gdb, but can't really make a lot of sense from that: has the panic message (from ddb "dmesg"), and an attempt to dig into the vnode pointed to by dvp and *vpp. The source of nfs_vnops.c was modified for those printfs, it's at

I also have a stack backtrace from ddb, which is at

I've tried to look into the kernel crash dump with gdb, but that has the stack messed up, see screenshot at

Do you (or anyone else on tech-kern?) have an idea on where to go next? I'm not familiar with vnodes... Thanks!

 - Hubert

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