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Manuel Bouyer <> wrote:
> > 
> > - Obviously, defined policy/responsibility to disable these options for
> >   release kernels.  In fact, if we go this way - then options should be
> >   removed from all MD kernel configs and managed in MI src/sys/conf/std.
> I'm not sure this is doable: some ports may want to keep DIAGNOSTIC in
> release branches, while others may want to exclude DIAGNOSTIC from some
> kernels on HEAD (for example because of space constraints).

Why not?  Such ports can still define the option in their configs.  Also,
some slow ports like VAX might want to keep debugging options disabled even
in -current, e.g. 'no options DEBUG' would do.

However, I do not think that ports should arbitrary enable/disable these
options for release/current branches, unless there is a very good reason.
IMO, Xen kernel should not have DIAGNOSTIC for release branch (it is your
call, of course), especially when user is no warned about that.

Let's be consistent in what we distribute.


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