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Re: nfs server lockup (again)

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 10:26:47PM +0200, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
 > > Any idea on how to properly fix this ?
 > > a workaround could be to use yield() in uvm_loan.c because it would not
 > > require a clock tick to wake up.
 > > I'm not sure if it's possible to drop the socket lock before unloaning the
 > > pages.
 > > But I wonder if this could be a more general issue with callouts.
 > > Maybe we should have one thread per callout, a la fast_softint,
 > > which is used when a callout needs to sleep ?
 > I opened kern/45093 for this.

I've been thinking that the nfs client problems I've been seeing,
which seem to be callout-related, are maybe connected, as could be the
odd problem mrg has been having with raidframe.

Do we have a debug hook or other method that will raise a panic if
callouts stop getting processed?

David A. Holland

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