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Re: config(5) break down

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 11:50:09PM +0900, Masao Uebayashi wrote:
> Without looking them, I don't think any infrastructural (== config(1)

You know, saying stuff like "without looking at [this]", or "i haven't
read any of [that]", while honest, is not a very good way of leading a
conversation.  People might just think you're condescending.

> itself) change helps.  Why not fix source code rather than "improving"
> config(1)?

Because, like it or not, config(1) has to change, because autoconf(9)
has to change, too.  I know it's not part of your own agenda, but it's a
fact.  Now, you can choose to dismiss any opinion that includes a change
in config(1), but you might also want to think about how changing
config(1) could help you.  If some people are going to change it anyway,
why wouldn't you consider the benefits of adding changes that serve your

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