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Re: config(5) break down

On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 05:46:21PM +0900, Masao Uebayashi wrote:
 > > Again: why? You've latched onto this as (apparently) a key point of
 > > what you're doing, except that I don't see why it's necessary or even
 > > desirable or how it relates to any of the other things you've
 > > suggested.
 > Dependency.  When module foo depends on bar, bar has to be defined.
 >      include "bar.conf"
 >      define foo: bar

Well, first of all nothing says you can't read the whole file before
resolving dependencies; there's nothing inherently wrong with

define foo: bar
define bar: baz

I have no idea if config currently allows this but it's not exactly
difficult to arrange.

 > > The braces, which group the related material together and can be used
 > > for scoping too?
 > We don't need braces because modules grouping is flat.

No, it seems like you're intending to use whole files to define groups
instead of braces or some other punctuation. There is no need to split
things into separate files just to show grouping.

(Besides, it's not necessarily as flat as all that, either.)

 > > Sure. But what do you propose to do about them?
 > Splitting helps to realize where bad instances exist.  How to fix them is
 > another story.

I thought you said all you needed to do was grep for the logical

 > > Yes, that's the two-copies-each method.
 > If you know, why did you ask???  Such techniques are already throughtly
 > discuessed everywhere, not only in pkgsrc...

Because I'm trying to figure out what you're suggesting doing?

David A. Holland

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