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Re: (Semi-random) thoughts on device tree structure and devfs

On Sun, Mar 07, 2010 at 06:43:49PM +0900, Masao Uebayashi wrote:
> dk(4) is a pseudo device, and its instances are numbered in the order it's
> created.  This is fine when you manually / explicitly add wedges(4) by using
> "dkctl addwedge".  This is not fine, if I have a gpt(4) disk label which has
> ordered partitions.  I expect disks to be created in the order I write in
> the gpt(4) disk label.  It's annoying the numbering changes when I add a new
> disk.  Same for raidframe(4).

I don't think this is a problem by itself. With devfs I would normally
expose the symlinks or so based on the label or UUID in the GPT, but
that functionality is missing.


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