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Re: filepl panic


COuld anyone please tell me what the cause of a "panic: pool_get: filepl:
page empty" panic might be?

It is likely to be kernel memory corruption or bad hardware. Do you have ECC
memory in the system? There may be a bug in the pool code in this area, but
I think it is less likely.

No. The system is a pretty standard dual core AMD system with regular DDR2 DIMMs - no ECC.

Did the problem re-occur?

It happened twice within 12 hours. Because that machine needs to be up, I did two things at the same time which makes diagnosis difficult - I upgraded to the latest netbsd-4, and I swapped the memory sticks.

The memory from that machine is in a quad AMD I use for building lots of NetBSD distributions, and I haven't had issues on either system.

I was just surprised at how little information I could find about filepl pools!

John Klos

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