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filepl panic

Hi, all,

COuld anyone please tell me what the cause of a "panic: pool_get: filepl: page empty" panic might be?

The system is an amd64 system with NetBSD-4 from the netbsd-4 sources from around the beginning of January. It has 4 gigs of memory and runs a lot of small services. However, it does run two heavily used memcached instances for a total of about a gigabyte of memory.

Any ideas or suggestions? The next thing I'm going to do is set DDB_ONPANIC=0 so that I can read the panic in dmesg (right now, I just get the one line that says, "panic: pool_get: filepl: page empty"). The machine isn't local, so I don't get to check the debugger unless I get into the car and drive.

John Klos

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