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Re: Using wsdisplay from the Xserver

>> Of course, this may be considered a heretical point of view.  But I
>> still maintain that moving a device driver's job into userland is a
>> very wrong thing to do in multiple respects.
> This makes sense until you start to realize that graphics hardware
> has come a long way since cg14, and the amount of code required to
> support modern graphics hardware in the kernel would cause you to
> instead complain about bloat in the kernel.

No, not "support [the] hardware".  I'm not proposing to mvoe the X
server into the kernel.  Just support _access to_ the hardware.

If the X server needs to access certain areas of the video card's PCI
resources because that's where the hardware keeps stuff, that's fine.
But that's no reason it should be able to access anything else - and
it's also no reason it should know or care that they're _PCI_ ranges,
rather than SBus or what-have-you.  For the X server to be even looking
at /dev/pci* means that there's something that badly needs moving from
the X server into the video hardwre's device driver.

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