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Re: Using wsdisplay from the Xserver

>> Can we run Xorg as unprivileged with this?
> We already do on macppc and sparc(64), although arguably we probably
> shouldn't allow mapping PCI resources without INSECURE.

Probably?  There's no `probably' about it, to me.  But then, I also
think the X server has no business mapping PCI resources, per se, at
all; it should be going through the display device's driver, which will
constrain what userland can map to what userland has business mapping -
and will do so regardless of the bus type; the X server also has no
business caring whether the display device is behind PCI, ISA, SBus,
Qbus, or something else.  That's what drivers are for: to insulate
userland from that mess.

Of course, this may be considered a heretical point of view.  But I
still maintain that moving a device driver's job into userland is a
very wrong thing to do in multiple respects.

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