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Re: kinfo_proc * 2

On 12.01-13:06, Roy Marples wrote:
[ ... ]
> > > whilst renaming it 'kinfo_proc_compat31' (or something) and subsequently
> > > renaming 'kinfo_proc2' to 'kinfo_proc'.
> > 
> > I'm not sure this is worth the effort.  kinfo_proc2 is used in exposed
> > APIs and thus any existing users of things like kvm_getprocs(3) would
> > all need to be changed.  Internal NetBSD code obviously isn't a problem,
> > but as it's been a (long) published interface there may well be third
> > party code that uses these as well.
> I have 3rd party code that uses kvm foo.
> It already an #ifdef mess due to differences between the BSD's, no need
> to make it worse just do remove a version from a struct name.

points taken.  it just makes me feel rather depressed to look at
that sort of ... stuff.

if it needs hands i'll still patch up the move to compat and check
the tree for historic uses if someone can supply the definitions i
mentioned (although i would guess that these structs are empty and
so invalid and must have been removed from use).


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