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Re: proplib documentantion enhancements

On Fri, 4 Jan 2008, S K wrote:
> I am willing to provide patches, but first I would like to know what
> you think. I might be too pedantic and there is no real need for such
> changes.

I have no objections though I think code snippets might bulk out the
manpages a bit much - if there were some regression testing code perhaps
that could be alluded to instead?

relatedly to these, I would like to request that people do not put XML in
manpages (eg envsys(4)) or comments (eg <sys/disk.h> and <sys/drvctlio.h>)
when documenting the properties that are accepted by the API.  IMHO the
API is not accepting an 'externalized list in XML format', it accepts a
plist and its ok to just list the supported properties as in bthub(4) &c.


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