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Notes from tonight's meeting

Guy Steele - It's time for a new old language
Hardware at hetzner & support service time (<2 hours response)
Making sense of smartctl output
Mischa's hosting platform
Choose you own systems adventure (firmware or OS level)
PA-RISC 1.0 & MPE - transaction aware vm subsystem with 96bit address space
Darwin security & iOS exploits
userspace in Perl
Maintaining a codebase and breaking backwards compatibility
Bryan Cantrill - The Summer of Rust
128-bit hardware for CUDA
Writing webpages as if everyone is running IE6
Miod's machine room
Thoughts on Forth Programming
History of PF in FreeBSD
NPF bells and whistles
IPFW3 improvements
Cheapest way to get to speak to a human when unbricking an M3000
"ie7" (iehacks.css)

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