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Notes from tonight's meeting

Memory page sizes
Super pages
Memory fragmentation
POWER page sizes (up to 2GB?)
Heat map of FreeBSD boot time on EC2
delays in ARM kernel + FDT + scanning for many many devices
GDPR compliance
Landing in the kernel debugger without functioning keyboard
Porting mdb to FreeBSD
Areca powerpc based RAID controller on x86
Unix on Acorn RISC
Last Itanium cpu shipped this year
RISC-V armv8 servers
dynamic adjustment of state table size with ipfilter & the lack of support 
nailing the size in the kernel config
NPF & missing functionality (MSS fixup, port redirection...)
Network proxies in Lua
MIPS R4k & pains of support from CHERI to NetBSD via Juniper
Support for PCIe PowerMac G5 in NetBSD/macppc POWERMAC_G5_11_2
NetBSD on SGI hardware
Xen security patch fallout from paravirtualised hosts
shodan scans and outdated SSH running on port 443
citrix, nokia & running old versions of operating systems
C++ drama
GCC 4.9 and buggy C++ support
syscall fuzzing with syzkaller
state of syscall bugs found so far in NetBSD & FreeBSD
legacy OS support in pkgsrc - modern packages for EoL systems
London Perl Workshop
Clifford Wolf's icestorm
mystorm fpga boards

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