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Re: Suggested Hardware?

On Fri, 7 Feb 2020 16:58:08 -0500
Louis Guillaume <louis%zabrico.com@localhost> wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm looking to replace my old NetBSD/Xen Dom0 hardware (netbsd-7/Xen 
> 4.6.3), which is getting quite old. The Hardware is not HVM able, so all 
> guests are still running in PV mode. Assuming I will stay on NetBSD for 
> Dom0, my questions are:
>    o What to look for hardware-wise - or maybe better - what to avoid?
>      If anyone has specifically good or bad experiences with particular
>      boards that would be really helpful.
>    o Will my guests "Just Work" if going from a PV host to HVM? I imagine
>      certain hardware names in the config files may need to change, and
>      probably kernels will need to be updated, but will everything else
>      work within the guests' userlands? All guests are Linux or NetBSD
> Any guidance would be most appreciated. Also - I'd be happy to 
> contribute my experiences to the wiki assuming all goes well...
> Louis

I usually just buy supermicro rackmounts with intel cpus. I've been doing this since the early daya of xen on netbsd ( the 1990s ), and have had no issues with hardware compatability worth remembering. 10G copper ethernet, etc... usually just work. The only thing I've had no luck with are the embedded LSI raid chips, but I usually install an LSI 9260 anyway. ( the current state of that support may have changed since I last looked ) 

Your mileage may vary. 

Compared to old hardware, even a basic, low cost, supermicro 1U will be a welcome upgrade. YOu can do a lot with $2000 USD these days.

Harry Waddell <waddell%caravan-epub.com@localhost>

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