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Re: Suggested Hardware?

At Fri, 7 Feb 2020 16:58:08 -0500, Louis Guillaume <louis%zabrico.com@localhost> wrote:
Subject: Suggested Hardware?
>  o What to look for hardware-wise - or maybe better - what to avoid?
>    If anyone has specifically good or bad experiences with particular
>    boards that would be really helpful.

I've had excellent results with older used Dell servers.

I've got a pair of PE2950s here at home (with E5460 and E5440 CPUs), and
I've got a R510 (with E5645 CPUs) running at a colo.  I've also in the
past used R7xx and R8xx servers with good results.

They can be quite cost-effective to buy from off-lease sellers,
especially if shipping, etc. is reasonable (or local), and they're
generally quite reliable and well engineered, with plenty of parts
availability, expandability, etc.

Dell's BIOS also has half-decent serial console support.

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