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Re: New Vax - future directions :-)

Hi Antonio,

Den 2021-07-07 kl. 23:56, skrev Antonio Carlini:

If the existing design if a CVAX-alike then that's probably a better starting point than (say) a VAX-11/780, as there are probably fewer architectural quirks that would need to be replicated. There was a set of waivers maintained internally for various systems and chips, so getting hold of that might be a good idea. (I never had access to that list, sadly).
I have no access to anything internally from DEC (except for what's on bitsavers).

I haven't planned to emulate some existing computer either, there are quite much stuff around that also must be implemented in that case.  I have just written the CPU :-)  Currently it has the SID of CVAX.

...but I may have to do something so that the rest of the test programs can run.  Haven't decided what yet though.

-- R

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