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Re: First new vax in ...30 years? :-)

Den 2021-07-07 kl. 15:44, skrev emanuel stiebler:
On 2021-07-03 06:14, Anders Magnusson wrote:
I'll follow up this mail with two more, one about the implementation and
one about how to go forward with the vax architecture :-)
OK, there is another discussion of cool stuff to come, like a VAX64
architecture, so I'm asking here for the "old" stuff ;-)

Which chip/board are you targeting first for the legacy VARM?
So far I have loosely gone on 3900, since I needed something that EVKAA understood :-) The others require much more bus registers, but I may have to go that way anyway, so that it can use some sort of console media for test programs.
Haven't decided yet.  A very sparse equipped 780 or 750 might do the trick.

-- R

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