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Re: New Vax - future directions :-)

Den 2021-07-07 kl. 01:54, skrev Paul Koning:

On Jul 6, 2021, at 5:55 PM, Alexander Schreiber <als%thangorodrim.ch@localhost> wrote:

...Come to think of it, there are even people who earn a living, or part of one,
from PDP-11 systems.
IIRC a lot of those are often deep inside industrial systems - you don't
throw away millions of $ of perfectly serviceable industrial hardware
because the control system doesn't run the newest OS. In fact, _not_
running the newest, shiniest, cloud-connected OS on your industrial
control plane is probably a plus wrt to operational stability these days.
And its close relative, system security.  You don't have to worry much about Putin's cronies if you're running RSX or RSTS/E.

I'm always amazed when I hear people complaining about the "security issues" of old mainframe systems that "urgently need to be replaced by modern systems".   You don't find viruses in OS/360, but they are a dime a dozen in the most popular modern OS, and new holes are created daily by hordes of modern sloppy programmers.
People screaming about things like this usually think of old mainframe systems as they run Windows 2000...

-- R

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