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Re: HEADS UP: GCC 10 now default on several ports

> i've switched the alpha, amd64, sparc*, riscv*, ia64, and vax ports
> have all been switched to GCC 10. 

> please send-pr or send email here about problems you encounter.
> thanks. 
> .mrg.

What about the i386 port?

Upgrading from NetBSD (amd64 and i386) 8.99.51, might the build encounter trouble jumping from GCC 7.4 to 10?

My NetBSD ports of interest are amd64 and i386.

Or might it be better to do a two-step. source-upgrading to NetBSD 9.1_STABLE first and then to current?

Or is it OK to upgrade straight to current (9.99.81)?


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