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re: HEADS UP: GCC 10 now default on several ports

"Thomas Mueller" writes:
> > i've switched the alpha, amd64, sparc*, riscv*, ia64, and vax ports
> > have all been switched to GCC 10. 
> > please send-pr or send email here about problems you encounter.
> > thanks. 
> > .mrg.
> What about the i386 port?

see README.gcc10:

[8] - i386 seems to have a signal delivery issue.  pthread tests hang and then
      complain with eg:
          threads_and_exec: q[ 627.6700846] sorry, pid 3154 was killed: orphaned traced process
      this problem occurs with GCC 9 as well.

it all builds and mostly works, but atf hangs for me (with GCC 9
as well, so it's not a compiler issue, or, it's not a *new*
compiler issue..)

> Upgrading from NetBSD (amd64 and i386) 8.99.51, might the build encounter trouble jumping from GCC 7.4 to 10?
> My NetBSD ports of interest are amd64 and i386.
> Or might it be better to do a two-step. source-upgrading to NetBSD 9.1_STABLE first and then to current?
> Or is it OK to upgrade straight to current (9.99.81)?

it shouldn't be necessary to go to netbsd-9 branch first.


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