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Re: Native builds?

> On Aug 29, 2018, at 12:42 PM, Anders Magnusson <ragge%ludd.ltu.se@localhost> wrote:
> Well, I think I'm somewhat active, but I have never been close to gcc internals and I would prefer not to spend time with that.
> It is probably more easy for me to compile the VAX port with pcc than to fix the bugs in gcc.
> -- Ragge

Yes, my mixup between port maintainer (NetBSD) and target maintainer (GCC).  I meant target maintainer, that's the person you'd look to for bugfixes.

I think gcc for vax is in pretty good shape, give or take some small bugs.  It would be a good experiment to try building the current version (8.2 if you want the released one, or current from Subversion to try the in-progress 9.0 release) to see how that works for NetBSD in general and native builds in particular.


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