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Re: Native builds?

On 2018-08-29 16:27, Mouse wrote:
The VAX port has had some problems in its instruction generation at times.  $

Maybe there's not supposed to be, but practice has differed on at least
a few occasions; I recall one time when vax was broken for a long time
because native builds (ie, on real hardware) crashed while cross-builds
worked.  (Or at least that's what was reported on the list; at the time
I had no working VAXen in shape to run anything on.)

I've been complaining about that a lot before, but given up on that approach.
I mean, this is essentially the situation right now as well.

The problem is that gcc as such is not broken. It's the code generation for VAX that is, and you will not spot that with a cross compile.
Only native builds will detect it.


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