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Re: What is the largest drive that NetBSD/VAX will support?

Hi, Gregg,

I'm currently setting up a new project. In this case its an
arrangement of SIMH/VAX running on Linux/I386. The host has a Zip100
drive installed. And as it happens I'm wondering, with this issue:
"What is the largest drive that NetBSD/VAX will support?". Conversely
it becomes "What is the smallest drive that NetBSD/VAX will support?".

The largest drive it'll support without any extra fuss, I think, would be 2 TB (2^32-1 blocks of 512 bytes each). The smallest, I think, would be one sector.

That presupposes I can successfully point the program to a Linux
device driver who itself is connected to that physical drive.

Obviously for the mechanics of such things I'll have to ask on the
SIMH list. That's next.

It should be possible to give SIMH a whole device such as the GNU/Linux equivalent of NetBSD's /dev/rsd0d. I've done this when using an SD card which was the boot disk of a real VAX with SIMH on NetBSD through a USB card reader.

Now don't rush into things with a response people, take your time.



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