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Re: KA48 / VAXstation VLC cache question

2015-08-20 10:07 GMT+02:00 John Klos <john%ziaspace.com@localhost>:
> That code causes a panic, like other things I've tried, on the first write
> of 1 to BEHR (Bank Enable/Hit Miss Register). Reading that location
> (0x20150800) causes a panic, too. This is after confirming that the CCR
> changes from 16 (decimal) to 17, meaning it is in diagnostic mode. I suppose
> that the cache isn't memory mapped in the VLC.

It seems to work in my KA660 at least. Sold my last VLC over 10 years
ago unfortunately.
Looking at ka48.h and a "From OpenVMS $IO440DEF & $KA440DEF" comment
introduced with rev. 1.2, I would also think that the implied
relationship there between KA440 (VS3100 m10/20) and KA48 (VLC) and
PARCTL stuff is wrong...
Don't know where to get infos now. Ultrix sources...? Reverse-engineer
from VMS? Or is there a VLC Technical Manual? The VLC documentation
kit is EK-VAXVL-DK, but will it help? Maybe ask on comp.sys.dec for

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