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Re: Kernel panic with 7.0_BETA

In article <CALX=d=drKjqi=u42QotUHOBYWaXTDY2FXawwj3R1CcjwjF47qQ%mail.gmail.com@localhost>,
Felix Deichmann  <m4j0rd0m0%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>2015-05-18 15:12 GMT+02:00 Christos Zoulas <christos%zoulas.com@localhost>:
>> Yes, looks like some pmap issue...
>I stumbled across
>and can't help but ask if the two problems I see with the VS4000/60
>could be connected to this very similar scenario?
>1) le at vsbus only matches every other boot (netbooting).
>2) sporadic kernel panics (maybe something related to uvm/pmap) when netbooting.
>Above posts:
>1) QVSS seems to work/attach correctly only from time to time (?).
>2) DELQA used for booting is suspected of corrupting the system page
>table by unintentional DMA, leading to panics. It is supposed to be
>shutdown properly by the netboot loader before the kernel starts.

Could be...


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