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Re: Kernel panic with 7.0_BETA

2015-05-18 15:12 GMT+02:00 Christos Zoulas <christos%zoulas.com@localhost>:
> Yes, looks like some pmap issue...

I stumbled across
and can't help but ask if the two problems I see with the VS4000/60
could be connected to this very similar scenario?

1) le at vsbus only matches every other boot (netbooting).
2) sporadic kernel panics (maybe something related to uvm/pmap) when netbooting.

Above posts:
1) QVSS seems to work/attach correctly only from time to time (?).
2) DELQA used for booting is suspected of corrupting the system page
table by unintentional DMA, leading to panics. It is supposed to be
shutdown properly by the netboot loader before the kernel starts.

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