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Re: VAX4000/300

On 2015-05-14 12:24, Holm Tiffe wrote:
Hi Guys,

as some of you already know I've got an VAX4000/300 with 64Megs of RAM and
3 DSSI Disks (2xRF31 and 1x RF71) lately. There is a sort of an Terminal MUX,
an TK70 Controller and a CQD200 (I think it is a CQD200TM since I saw both
IO Adresses in the map) additionally on the QBUS.

I'm right with the conclusion that the DSSI with the SHAC on the KA670 CPU
still isn't supported from NetBSD?

Correct. I have a sort of long term project on the back burner to write code for that, based on the Ultrix code, but it's going nowhere at the moment. Too many other things that keep me occupied.

I have several NetBSD VAX CDRs left over from my previous VAXstation
experiments, should it be possible to install NetBSD on a SCSI Disk hooked
up to the CQD200 from an XM5701 connected to the CQD?

Should work.

Has someone here a running VAX4000/300 with NetBSD in a similar
configuraion? (I've learned the hard way that there is a differnece between
the "supported" on the website and an actual working setup)

Any further hints?

Networking is usually the best starting point, as I think I saw others suggest.


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