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Re: VAX4000/300

Am 14.05.2015 um 12:24 schrieb Holm Tiffe:
I'm right with the conclusion that the DSSI with the SHAC on the KA670 CPU
still isn't supported from NetBSD?

Correct, and will -- as discussed on this list several times -- probably never, because DSSI is CI with a cheaper physical interface, which would require a rather complex CI framework.
"device shac at ibus0 not configured"

I have several NetBSD VAX CDRs left over from my previous VAXstation
experiments, should it be possible to install NetBSD on a SCSI Disk hooked
up to the CQD200 from an XM5701 connected to the CQD?

This will probably work (we live from people trying out stuff, right?!).
The CQD200 is a [T]MSCP controller, and "ra at mscpbus" and "racd at mscpbus" support is present. You must still configure the CQD and devices right (out-of-band, see manual).

Netbooting is not so difficult either (but don't try bootpd, it seems generally broken for quite some time now).


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