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QVSS driver and kernel autoconf

Is there a good discussion of the kernel autoconf process somewhere? I
can't seem to figure out how to get config and the kernel to do what I
want it to do.

The qv has 3 parts: frame buffer, dual serial port, and increment mouse port.

I was trying for something like:

qv* at uba? csr 177400
qvfb* at qv?
qvaux* at qv?
qvmouse* at qv?

but I couldn't get it to work.

I ended up with

qv* at uba? csr 177400
qvaux* at uba? csr 177420

and no hardware mouse. qv and qvaux are kind of intermixed which I don't like.

According to the manuals for config, devices can only attach at
interface attributes. How do I create an interface attribute? I think
that { } makes an attribute an interface attribute.

Here is what I have added to files.vax:

# Monochrome QVSS framebuffer on qbus (VCB01)
device  qvaux { line=-1 }: tty
attach  qvaux at uba
file    arch/vax/uba/qvaux.c            qvaux needs-flag

device qv: displaydev, wsdisplaydev
attach  qv at uba
file    arch/vax/uba/qv.c               qv  needs-flag
file    arch/vax/uba/qv_ic.c            qv | qvaux

This works, but there is something about splitting the QVSS into two
devices that doesn't set right. Especially since the interrupt
controller is shared and so it has to be initialized independent of
which half is first or even if the other half is ever attached to.

What I am going to try next is:

device qv {}:
attach qv at uba

device qvfb: displaydev, wsdisplaydev
attach qvfb at qv

device qvaux { line=-1 }: tty
attach qvaux at qv

I have tried to follow autoconf and I get lost in twisty passages.

I want to have genfb attach to qvfb. When wscons is attached qv using
code from smg, the display is 128 x 57 characters and is pretty small.
I was hoping that genfb would give more options.


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