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Re: VAXstation 4000/90 - ssh & display oddities

On 26 April 2012 12:37,  <chriswareham%chriswareham.demon.co.uk@localhost> 
> abs%absd.org@localhost wrote:
>> I've just been playing with NetBSD-5.1.2 on a 4000/90 and
>> The first issue is that the display blanks when the kernel loads.
>> I have it hooked up to a dell TFT (its a little odd to see the slightly wavy
>> background faithfully reproduced on a non CRT, but I digress).
>> The PROM prompt displays fine, as does the NetBSD boot program, but
>> as soon as the kernel loads the screen goes blank (when I say blank I
>> can still see the same wavy background, so its still getting a signal).
>> dmesg is below.
>> Are there any special requirements for the spx under NetBSD which are
>> stricter than the boot prompt?
> IIRC the SPX driver was the reverse engineered by Blaz Antonic and 
> subsequently
> ported to OpenBSD. I believe that the OpenBSD version has since had some
> improvements made to it, and that these haven't been brought back into NetBSD.
> It would be great if someone could look into this, event though I can no 
> longer
> test as my SPX equipped Vax went to a new home several years ago :-(

It looks like its all happy in -current (and hopefully in netbsd-6),
at least on the 4000/90.
Curious to see if X will run when I get some time, but will be playing
with compile options
on boot first :)

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