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Re: Boot from non zero LUN?

 What does show device display at the ROM prompt?

I can't recall off the top of my head the format for disk devices (I know the DECstation [mips] is different). I know that at least one of the alpha and vax uses DKctxx, where 'c' represents the controller ('A', 'B', etc) and 't' represents the target. One of the following 2 digits should represent the LUN, so it would be something like DKA0 for target 0 lun 0, maybe DKA1 for target 0 lun 1, DKA100 for target 1 lun 0, and maybe DKA101 for target 1 lun 1.

show device

  -------      ----      -------    --------     -----    --    ------      ---
  ESA0         08-00-2B-2B-A6-FD
  DKA0         A/0/0     DISK         1.12GB      FX            3A          8.01
  DKA400       A/4/0     DISK        ......       RM      ..    PCCARD      1.28
  DKA401       A/4/1     DISK         2.01GB      RM            Compact     1.28
  DKA402       A/4/2     DISK        ......       RM      ..    SmartMe     1.28
  DKA403       A/4/3     DISK        31.12MB      RM            Secure      1.28
  DKA404       A/4/4     DISK        ......       RM      ..    Memory      1.28
 ..HostID..    A/6       INITR

(dka0 is 160 gig, dka401 is 32 gigs, and dka403 is really 32 megs)

However, a boot dka401 command just hung. Moving the CF card to a CF-to-PCMCIA adapter and putting it into the PCMCIA slot (LUN 0), then booting dka4 works:

boot dka4

NetBSD/vax boot [1.11 Sun Aug 21 21:30:34 UTC 2011] <<

The only downside I see is that the devices come up as async. Hardly a concern on a VLC, but still...


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