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Re: Boot from non zero LUN?


Just curious - does anyone know how I might boot from a SCSI device with a non-zero LUN? I got a SCSI card adapter which shows different slots as different LUNs:

What's the adapter card?  I might one for my VAX.

I'd recommend them:


I've used Acard IDE-SCSI adapters with various CF cards and had issues with certain cards and certain adapters. So far, this device just works with whatever cards I put in, plus it fits in a standard 3.5" space without needing an adapter off the rear (so it'll be good for my SPARCstation and my SGI Indy, too).

The only dislike is that whether you use the CF to PCMCIA adapter (to get a drive on LUN 0) or you use the CF card slot, either the adapter or the eject button for the CF card stick out noticeably. Maybe I'll use the CF slot in one of them and remove the button to make it look prettier.

The price is pretty good, too.


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