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Re: UNS: Compiling vax kernel with pcc

On Tue, 2011-08-16 08:04:32 -0400, Isildur <mrfusion%vaxpower.org@localhost> 
> i'd doubt, though, that there is much difference in the code generated by
> an older 1.x era gcc versus a modern gcc. has there really been much
> (any) work on vax optimization in the past 15 years (or more)?

In GCC, you don't have all that much target-specific optimizations.
Most of all, these are done in intermediate representations, thus
they're available to all backends. (However, it helps if target
backend code supplies all ways to do things that can be represented
within GCC's data model, as well as correct costs for those.)

So... While compile time usually rises all the time with most new GCC
releases, as well as memory consumption, there *are* enhancements that
most/all architectures profit from.


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