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Re: Re: netbsd-5.1 cpu probe/attach for 11/7xx?

First question is what config file you use to build your kernel?

I used both "GENERIC" and a stripped down 7xx only config I made.

You are right, the GENERIC does have "cpu* at mainbus0"; that was my mistake - I didn't originally have it my custom config.

But, even if that is there, the match in cpu_mainbus_attach will fail.

Second: How do you know that they are not called?

I added printf and booted the kernel.

However, I've run NetBSD-current about 5 months ago on a 8650, and the ka86_attach_cpu() function was called there, which is absolutely through the same mechanism as for the 11/780.
So I find it a bit surprising that you claim that it is not called.
I think the ka86 follows a different path because of NMI.

In fact, I can't even find any cpu probe function for the VAX-11/780.

semantics, sorry. I would claim the "cpu_attach_cpu" function is a probe function.

I'm still not convinced it isn't working.

ok. I have special versions of simh which claim to be an 11/730, and 11/750 and an 11/780 and when I put
printf's in the "cpu_attach_cpu" functions for each they don't print.

after I fix the match function, they do.


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