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Re: UNS: Re: netbsd-5.1 cpu probe/attach for 11/7xx?

Johnny Billquist wrote:

I'm proposing a simple fix to make that code (which once worked) work

Ok. I had to check things through a little more to refresh my memory.
Yes, there is a cpu_attach function for all cpus. But as far as I can tell, it is also called for all CPUs.
yes, good. But that function is never called on a 7xx. Those lines of code never execute, which is the point of my original bug report. cpu_mainbus_attach is only called if the config is set up correctly.

If you build 5.1 and run it on a 7xx you'll find that cpu probe functions are never called because of two
reasons (outlined in my original email).
It's done in autoconf.c at line 186:

        if (dep_call->cpu_attach_cpu != NULL)
that code never executes on an 11/7xx.  I propose to fix that.

Sos it's not really called through the normal autoconf paths using the config file.
well, yes and no. In fact, it is, as that code will not get executed unless you "fix" the
config file and the cpu match code (see my original email).
True. locore sets up the CPU information. autoconf then calls the actual attach function. Not through some probing, but directly, as the CPU is already known to exist, and we already know which type.
Sort of true, but that cpu_attach_cpu code is only called if the config is set up correctly.
So yes, not as the result of probing, but not directly.

build for a 780 and try it on simh and you'll see.

I'd rather talk about the proper fix, to be honest.


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