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Re: VAXstation 4000/90 help

On 2010-11-28 17:49, John Klos wrote:
The obvious first question is if you changed the switch to use a
serial console, or if it is in fact talking to your graphics subsystem?

I wish it were that simple. The S3 switch is up, and I even tried
toggling it to make sure it wasn't half set.

Hum. I'd check the switch for a bad connection or something then. If the LEDs are changing, there should be output on the console. If not, then it's either directed to the wrong console, or else you have a broken serial port. (I assume you are using the right port on the VAX, that your cable is ok, and that you have a terminal connected that aren't messing you up with some weird opinions (or a computer with some program connecting you to a serial port).

There is a lot of serial port debugging that can be done, but it is so much depending on what you observe, and so on, that it's hard to write a general checkup.

I'd love to find a working 4000/90 or 4000/96 for bulk package builds.
Just getting a bulk build started takes about a month on a 4000/60!

Tell me about it... :-(


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