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RE: Serial console on second port?

port-vax-owner%NetBSD.org@localhost wrote:
> I have a Vax Station 4000 M96 and would like to use it with
> serial console. It apparently has two serial ports, one MMJ
> and another one for the printer with a DB25 connector.

The DB25 connector is for a printer, but I think you
can log in over it (it is a proper serial port iirc).
Although I do have a 4K90 sitting right here, I don't
use the DB25 port, so I could be wrong.

> P.S.: there seems to be no "console mode switch" to select
> keyboard or console on this machine (like on the M60) - is it
> hidden somewhere or should I expect it to just work?

I didn't see this answered (maybe I missed it). The switch is
at the front, bottom right, flip down panel.


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