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Re: NetBSD 5 strangeness

john%ziaspace.com@localhost wrote:

> I've been trying to figure out why untarring gzipped tar files doesn't 
> work on netbsd-5 on my VAXstation 4000/60 (it worked fine with RC2):
> tar xzpf base.tgz
> tar: Cannot identify format. Searching...
> ^C
> tar: Signal caught, cleaning up.
> tar: unknown format, 32256 bytes skipped in 3 secs (10752 bytes/sec)

It looks pipe on vax is broken (at least on simh).

The following simple command also fails:
# gzip -c /netbsd | zcat > /dev/null
zcat: unknown compression format

"gunzip base.tgz && tar xpf base.tar" seems working, and
INSTALL kernel and GENERIC with options PIPE_SOCKETPAIR also work fine.

Compiling kern/sys_pipe.c with -O0 doesn't help.
Izumi Tsutsui

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