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5.0RC2 and negative runtime

While doing some much needed spring cleaning, I uncovered a bunch o' vaxes hiding behind a very large alphaserver in the shed. They were once part of a alpha-vax-microvax VMS cluster I built up.I had almost forgot about them (well not forgot about them, just where I put them!) One very-large dead rattlesnake later ( it too, was hiding behind the alphaserver), I cleaned them off of all the dust and mouse-doody and did some inventory 1 vax4k-90 and 4k-60, two VLC's and the odd 3100/38. Thankfully they all seemed no worse for wear.

Reading about the good progress Netbsd has made with current/5.0, I found a noisy scsi disk and installed 5.0RC2 on the Vax 4000-90. During the installation and for a bit later I would get this error message:

WARNING: negative runtime; monotonic clock has gone backwards

it then went away, but appeared again on the Vax4000-60. The TOY clocks checked out OK and it appears not to have affected anything..so far, but is it a bug, bad hardware?

Also it appears that there was no Xserver,ie., no Xorg,Xdec,or Xwhatever binary in the Xserver set. I was hoping to try the SPX driver on the graphic framebuffer, but it was MIA. Does the X/SPX driver need to be compiled out of the Xorg pkgs?

I also got the dreaded chicken and egg problem when trying to compile a package out of pkgsrc. I get the "Circular dependency detected" as it searches for gcc-2.95, but gcc-4.1.3 is installed. I thought 4.1.3 was generating good vax code, but do I need to install 2.95.? This is from the latest version of pkgsrc (03-2009)

I understand that 5.0 is self-hosting now. While I wasn't going to rebuild the whole system, It would be good if it could. I don't really want to start cross-compiling unless it's necessary, or the package is too big.
Except for these glitches 5.0 looks pretty good on a vax.
Any help or pointers on the monotonic clock, the spx framebuffer and the pkgsrc issue would be greatly appreciated!


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