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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 02:17:04PM -0500, Brad Parker wrote:
> Matt Fleming wrote:
> >
> >NetBSD/vax is not currently capable of self-hosting. It doesn't even have
> >shared library support :-(
> I'm confused.  what are all those *.so files in /lib?  sure look like
> shared libraries to me.
> but i'm currently using a 2.0.3 kernel & userland, so I'm in the stone age.
> maybe I should try 4.0.1 first?  are there major changes in 5.0? (and
> hence no shared lib support yet?)

AFAIU we had shared lib support but lost it. Check out PR/21748. I'm not
sure exactly at what point we lost shared lib support though.

I was talking to Matt Thomas and he said that the real issue with vax is
current gcc support. Newer versions of gcc are lacking decent vax support.

It'd be interesting if you could run 4.0.1 on your machine, but I don't
think it'll be much fun, unfortunately.

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